Every smart skier knows that using and effective sunscreen on the snow is much more important than on the beach. So we find out what the best sunscreen could be for the snow.

True, less of your skin is likely to be exposed in your ski gear compared to your swimwear, but goggle tans are out, we need to protect our faces and necks from harmful UV rays.

These actually increase with altitude and are then magnified again by snow glare, so protecting your skin on the slopes is doubly important.

The Best Suncream

But there are a lot of sunscreen for skiing on the market so what’s the best one to choose?

You can now choose to protect your skin in a natural way and upgrade to UV protection  without pollution, saying goodbye to environmentally harmful, old school chemical sunscreen this winter.

The Palm & Pine range combines plant-based ingredients with mineral filters to provide broad-spectrum protection against both UVA & UVB rays. They offer factor 30 and factor 50 protection options, are 100% vegan and an all natural formula with no fragrance and no stinging eyes.

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The business was founded by two snowboarders and former residents of Morzine who learnt how important it is to protect your skin whilst up the mountain. In their search to find a natural, plastic free alternative to the traditional chemical-based sunscreens, they decided to create their own!

Palm & Pine sunscreen is wax-based, making it easy to apply with no drag and no white cast shadow. The formulation is also ideal for use in moist environments like snow. It offers a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with a very subtle tint. ⁠⁠

It’s already winning kudos with some high profile names in the world of snow sports with pro-snowboarders using it up on the glaciers during early season training – a particularly testing high-altitude environment of extreme weather and intense sunlight. Fans of Palm & Pine sunscreen include Olympic snowboarder Seppe Smits who is a particular fan of the product after testing it during his tough, high altitude training regime.

While traditional chemical sunscreens tend to sting when they melt with sweat, Palm & Pine’s products stays on but are easy to remove. They’re all sensitive enough to be used around the lips and eyes. ⁠⁠

And of course its not just about making sure the cream you rub in to your body is good for your skin, the Pine & Palm team wanted to be sure their products are sustainable and good for the planet too, so packaging in plastic free, uses recycled aluminium, and can be recycled after use. It’s also made in Europe.


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