Every skier knows that getting the right balance between keeping you warm and allowing you to cool off when you need to is crucial when you’re on the slopes… chosing he right thermal is very important.

You also don’t want to get soaked in sweat then feel too cold once you stop moving.  They key to  all of this is getting the right thermals.

Cheap varieties often work when it comes to getting you warm, but they make you sweat more too then lock in the moisture.  More expensive ones do work properly but they are, well, expensive.

Mountain Warehouse has managed to hit the sweet spot between these extremes with their Merino wool range.

Using naturally thermal wool from Merino sheep, they offer high levels of warmth, breathability and softness against the skin, particularly when compared with traditional wool products.

Plus, Merino’s natural anti-bacterial properties allow sweat to stay on the surface without the unwanted smells – this makes it ideal for physical activities such as skiing.

So among the practical benefits listed above, they also feel great to wear and reduce odour.

The Asgard Zip Neck Top and Pants are high-performance base layers made with a naturally antibacterial merino wool blend for comfort and softness. The top features a zip neck collar and thumb holes. The merino wool blend is quick-wicking, quick-drying and naturally antibacterial.

Produced in a slightly heavier weight fabric, this baselayer will keep you warm during winter activities such as skiing or any other outdoor winter sport.

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