If you’re looking for one ski to rule them all the Mindbender 90Ti is the number one choice.  Chewing up hardpack and crud, gliding gracefully through powder and cranking carves on the groomer, this ski is built with the ability to dominate all snow conditions. 

It’s an all mountain freeride ski, built with the same Titanal Y-Beam construction and All-Terrain Rocker profile as its softer snow focussed siblings, but with a narrower waist width, the 90TI boasts superior agility and manoeuvrability in tougher conditions. 

K2’s TI Y-Beam is a layer of titanal cut in the shape of Y and laid across the length of the ski. By altering the torsional stiffness at the tip and tail of the ski, it creates a forebody with precision and accuracy for turn initiation, and a tail primed for a controlled and powerful turn exit. So when you’re looking for a ski to rip around the entire resort and beyond, the 90TI makes an excellent companion.

The Mindbender 90TI is a one way ticket to fun, with the 88TI as the women’s equivalent. They are super responsive and energetic skis with plenty of power in the tank for shredding all conditions. 

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